Routinely Clearing Up During & After Jobs Avoids Messy Homes

We all need somewhere to live and be that a bedsitting room, apartment, maisonette or house, once we get home and shut that front door, we are in our own little domain.  Looking after a small pad can sometimes be as challenging as caring for a larger one.  If you are not organised and disciplined, it can easily overwhelm someone who is untidy and scatterbrained.   The only way to look after a home properly is to have best practice routines from the moment you get up to the last waking minute.  Cleaning up the bathroom after morning ablutions; putting nightware away and making the bed, then tidying away anything left out from the dressing episode before going downstairs.

I admit that being one of life’s more scatty folk, I have always struggled with the concept of tidy living and even now lose the battle when it comes to incoming paperwork.  But I have taught myself to clear up as I work in the kitchen, to take out only the ingredients I need and put them away again immediately.  The same goes for laundry tasks – put back the various substances into the cabinet, before even turning the machine to operate.  I have a bigger home now than when I first set out on adulthood from my family home.  I will get the hang of it one day.  Soon, we hope!