Buy Or Rent The Forever Question Re Housing

We have three or four rental properties immediately near our house, we being in an enclave of 9 houses.  That’s quite a high ratio.  Bearing in mind each house of the nine houses has an average potential sales value of £550K and a potential rental value of £1900.00 per month which works out at £22,800 per annum; it’s going to take the owners a very long time to recoup the current purchase figure.    Rather a good job the owners bought those particular properties back in 2002 when the sales values were slightly more modest, in the £200K to £250K bracket.  Of course, the rental values back then would also have been more modest, but not by very much of a margin.  This has always been an area for high traveller occupancy, the local road network offers a lot of possibilities for folk to have a reasonably affordable mortgage or rental deal and yet be able to commute to the City of any one of a number of busy towns offering plenty of employment.